Monday, April 1, 2013

The one who gets flu & cough too often

We visited the clinic almost every month since Aimi was 5 month old with the same problem every time, coughing and flu.

The doctor who treated Aimi suggested to use humidifier in our bedroom coz he has been using it for his baby and found out that it is beneficial for this problem.

So we get this osim uMist Baby from Osim, just to try it.

This, dear parents, is very crucial if you are sleeping in an air conditioned room. Coz the air becomes dry and some people tend to have runny nose when they wake up in the morning.

Even though Win and I are not that rich to have air conditioned room to sleep in, Win somehow still wakes up with runny nose almost everyday!

I don't know the difference after using this humidifier the first time, coz i don't have any issue with sneezing early in the morning. But Win doesn't seems to have runny nose anymore.

Well, at least it works on Win. Hope it will work on Aimi too with her problem. So far Aimi has not develop any sign of coughing yet.

If any of you are interested to try this humidifier, you can get it from any Osim store with RM188.

Good luck!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The one with ipad mini #2

Colleague: How is iPad Mini? Issit nice?
Me: It's OK.. but it's not mine. It's for my kid.
Colleague: Ha? How old is your kid? 3? 4?
Me: She's one year and 4 months.
Colleague: She knows how to use it?
Me: She can operate iPad and open her applications.

Seriously, I don't use the iPadMini that much, except when I need to Google up recipes on the internet - for better viewing.

Aimi uses it to watch her videos cached in PlayTube and plays Three Letter Words & her favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse app.

She doesn't really attached to her iPad coz she plays with other stuff too. Her MegaBloks and baby doll which I called "baby" or sometimes "adik" :P She plays with her rubber horse, sand pails and with my pan and pots too!

iPad is very helpful when Aimi is boring during outing. We can buy some time before she started being cranky & sleepy.

It's good to have it around for me too coz I get to learn how to use Apple gadget and find apps that are not available on PlayStore for Android.

I don't really like Apple stuff you see.. I am a very avid Android user :P

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The one with the Natural Avent

We were at the Mom & Baby Expo @KLCC this morning.

I bought this new bottle from Avent booth coz i thought i can trade in my old avent bottles to get a special price for the new one. Mana tahu those trade ins are only for Avent classic bottle!

I hate the current classic Avent bottles because of the airflow ring that comes with it. Sangat troublesome bluekkkk.. If tertinggal masa packing, memang budak minum susu & air bocor!

So i think and think and think again, belasah jela with this new Natural Avent pun. RM80 for 2pcs. Teats for Aimi is No4, another RM24. Burned my wallet T_T

Anyway, Aimi has no problem with this new bottle. Mula2 je pandang pelik coz the design is totally different.

Actually this Natural bottle is also compatible with the Classic bottle teats holder. Bagusnye, jimat duit.. Coz i've bought 4 "Y cut" teats for her, but she rejected them. Those Y cut teats are fast flows, tu yang Aimi reject kot. Haih.. Why did i buy so many, i pun tak tahu. Simpan jela till she can accept very fast flow teats.

Why do i choose Avent?

Firstly, because the bottlecap yang sangat best. The bottlecap memang tutup rapat hujung teats tu thus allowing no leaking or whatsoever if in case the bottle duduk tunggang terbalik.

Secondly, if there is any unintended tertumpah ke apa, bottlecap dia memang rapat and susu stay in the bottlecap.

Third, mulut botol Avent ni lebih luas compared with bottle kurus. So it's very very easy to mix the milk powder. And washing pon lebih senang.

Tu jelah kot.

And oh, teats gantian senang nak dapat kat kedai.

Kalau beli botol Mimijumi, kau ingat senang ke nak beli teats dia kat kedai? Kahkahkah

Friday, March 1, 2013

The one who has hair like Mama

The one with the new strawcup

Aimi has been using the orange Momma straw cup since she is 12mo. I don't know why but she somehow became bored of the strawcup easily and eventually drinking too little plain water the whole day. She ended up having constipation for the last 3 weeks.

When we were in JB last week, she showed a lot of interest in her cousin's strawcup, coz there was a cartoon on it!

Then I thought, maybe she is bored with her current strawcup.

So Win bought this new red Avent strawcup which I think is farrrrr better than the Momma strawcup!

You see, the Momma strawcup is very hard to clean especially the straw part! There is even MOLD on the spout! Ewwwwwwwww...

Avent on the other hand is very ez to clean and leak proof too!

Oh didn't I mention about how Momma is not leak proof at all? There were several times that it leaked and soaked my handbag! Lucky that my handbag is not a branded one which cost few hundreds.. Haih.

So anyone who's looking for a strawcup for toddlers, please consider those that are leak proof.

Jangan follow celebrity je, like I did. Tengok dr Harlina pakai Momma, I pun sibuk nak beli Momma. Sekali kauuuuu... Tak bagus punye product huhu.. Not salahkan drHarlina lah.. but me, myself yang senang terpengaruh LOL.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The one with the baby boo


Well, sometimes she pats her baby when the baby cries. Yes, the baby cries when we press her chest.